Best Games To Play On Yuzu Emulator

Emulation has really grown big in the past decade – more and more consoles are getting emulated onto PCs and Android smartphones as well, lately; as a matter of fact, just about every console, ranging from the old school arcade machines, that we used to barely be able to reach standing on our tiptoes, all … Read more

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators

Choosing an emulator can be a difficult task, especially when you’re looking for an emulator that can emulate something like the Nintendo Switch. This is a notoriously difficult task, with the Nintendo Switch being a hybrid console. That naturally brings a bunch of challenges to the table for developers, all of whom have to try … Read more

Yuzu Emulator vs. Cemu Emulator: Know The Differences


When you’re looking for ways to play Nintendo exclusives, there are a few names that will pop up from time to time. Right now, Yuzu Emulator and Cemu Emulator are two of the most popular, for very different reasons. A reliable emulator can be the difference between an amazing gaming experience and a terrible one. … Read more